Founder of The Roots of Success Podcast, Nate The Great Peterman, Sits Down to Interview Mark Kurian

Nate “The Great” Peterman sat down with the legendary Mark Kurian in this week’s episode of The Roots of Success Podcast. Diving right into Mark’s story from the very beginning, Nate chatted with the multi-media marketer and magazine mogul to uncover his secrets to success.

Mark started his whole journey by founding a magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle, in 2008. Going against the grain and proving the people in his life wrong, Mark was determined to make a living from producing a lifestyle magazine nearly 13-years ago. The platform offered him endless opportunities to dive deep into the lives of Hollywood’s most fascinating people, connecting Mark with some of the biggest minds of our lifetime.

The Unexpected Pivot

But then something big happened in 2020: COVID-19. As he stated, “we had to stop as a world and reflect and say to ourselves ‘what does this mean?’” He knew he had to pivot to keep his magazine relevant. He turned the magazine into BHL Media, a luxury global advisor, in 2020. Everything that he had previously done with the magazine was now online, with more interviews, multi-media shows, and other services that were previously in print. Additionally, Mark emphasized the need to celebrate people and the human spirit, now more than ever, in a time that can otherwise feel overwhelming and defeating.

Nate The Great then asked Mark, “what sparked your desire to get involved with something like that?”

Mark stated it was pure boredom in 2008, not to mention, the worst recession of his lifetime. He realized he had the opportunity to seize the moment and do something amazing, even in the midst of hardship. With barely any expectations, Mark figured, “what do I have to lose?”

Nate The Great echoed, “we all go through trials and tribulations.” He then asked Mark, “what was a defining moment for you where you felt everything could go downhill?”

Mark reaffirmed it was the pandemic. He knew that COVID-19 was going to wreak havoc on his magazine brand and he had to act. He had to rebuild from the bottom-up and find a team that was just as passionate about doing it online, and from that decision, he was able to successfully transfer online at a time where all hope felt lost in the world.

“It’s the best time to start a business online. It’s all about being agile and adapting to the change,” concluded Mark. “I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who want to support this media company, and together, we are creating something beautiful.”

Embracing the Digital

Now, Mark works to create stories and disseminate them entirely online so the content is accessible to people everywhere, regardless of social distancing.

Nate “The Great” Peterman is a 24-year old author, entrepreneur, and CEO of Symba Marketing and the co-founder of Symba Music Group today. He uses The Roots of Success Podcast to interview inspiring influencers of today’s time, shedding light on their services, inspiration, and most importantly, mindset. From experts in social media and branding, to psychology, health, and more, The Roots of Success Podcast works to help all listeners lay their own roots for future success.

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